What is Best Deal Guarantee?

  • At Luxxzy, we hand-pick great hotels and negotiate for the best package for our members. So we can guarantee you the best deal for your holiday.
  • If you can find a better price for the same package with the same criteria, we will match the price and offer you a HK$250 coupon for your next purchase with us!

Does it apply to all deals on Luxxzy?

  • As long as the deal is marked with the “Best Deal Guarantee” sign.

How does this work?

  • If you find a better deal* (within 48-hours after you booked on Luxxzy) on any publicly-accessible website (without any membership or login needed), and the package offer are exactly the same** as the one you booked on Luxxzy.
  • Screenshot it, send it to us at
  • Once verified and confirmed by our team, we will match the differences and compensate you with a HK$250 coupon for your next purchase with us.

*Better deal means:

  • the same package on any publicly-accessible website who provide a lower price (including tax & any surcharges) than the price you paid for the same package on Luxxzy.

**The same package means:

  • the same hotel, with
  • the same room types, plus
  • the same add-ons services included, booked for
  • the same number of guests, for
  • the same check-in and check-out dates you booked on Luxxzy

All other terms & conditions should follow the Terms & Conditions page at