【After COVID-19】Travel Thailand with the Best Value! When? Where? How?!

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Best time to travel to Thailand

Thailand international travel restriction is still valid, but we can’t wait to fly again and enjoy the amazing food, beaches and resorts in this affordable travel paradise.

When to go?

You may find the cheapest tickets and hotel offers during summer time in Thailand, which is from March to May every year. Just avoid their big festival event, Songkran Festival, which lies in mid-April every year. 

The second timing with fairly cheap tickets every year would be from June to October, which is their rainy season. Given that there is quite a lot to enjoy indoor, it is not a bad idea to give it a try.

Flight to Thailand

We’ve done a round of ticket price check for 3 major Thailand destinations during low season, the cheapest destination is Phuket, while Bangkok is just slightly more expensive.

(Direct flight from HK, ticket price during Mar-May2020)

Phuket:  from HKD$900

Bangkok: from HKD$1,000

Samui: from HKD$2,900

As there are very limited direct flights flying from HK to Samui, the ticket price to Samui is relatively higher. But there are quite a lot of airlines that operate direct flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok and Phuket, so the market price is rather competitive and it is common to get tickets at even lower price than stated above. 

For example, HK Express holds campaigns like $1 tickets or free return tickets once in a while. Cathay Pacific offers discounted tickets to various destinations at their ‘fanfares’ campaign every Tuesday 8am. From time to time, there are also jaw-dropping discounts offered from different airlines like AirAsia, Smile by Thai Airline, Scoot, etc. There are some sites like MeetHK and Flyagain.la which specialised in consolidating the information of ticket discounts and campaigns from the airlines, subscribe to some pages and group will save you a lot of hassle in comparing ticket price!

Where to stay?

Best affordable luxury stay in Thailand
The Siam Hotel Bangkok

Best Value Luxury Stay:

A quality hotel is far more than just sleeping (sleeping is important though), a wonderful stay in Thailand contributes a big part of a remarkable trip. 

A wonderful stay is not necessarily expensive, given that you have the tricks and time to filter and pick a right hotel at the right time with the right means…But..how could everyone has the time for it? That’s why Luxxzy is here to help!

You won’t find endless pages of hotel choices on our website, instead, you will only find a single page with a few selective luxury hotels offered at the best value. We handpick the hotels one by one and negotiate with those we think worth a stay so you don’t have to worry about the hotel quality. For the package offer, we bargain the best for you; not just for the price, but also for additional add-ons which are exclusively for our members. All offers are only available during the flash sale period that lasts about 2 weeks, so what you have to do is to pick the one which fits you most and seize the chance for booking!

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