Top 10 Dreamy Wedding Chapels in Japan (Part 2)

Many couples are holding their weddings overseas these years, with just a short flight to be there, Japan is one of the most popular choices among all! Japan has different landscapes and culture from north to south, and weddings held in each part of Japan have their own styles. The second part of “Top 10 Dreamy Wedding Chapels in Japan” will introduce you to 5 special wedding churches in major cities within Kanto and Kansai in Japan. Even if you are not yet planning to get married, you may want to get married after looking at these dreamy chapels!


Kamikamo Shrine, Shimogamo Shrine

If you want to try on a Japanese white wedding kimono for a traditional Japanese wedding, the best place to hold your wedding must be Kyoto, Japan. The Kamigamo Shrine and Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto are the most historic Shrines registered as world cultural heritages in Kyoto. However, it is unavoidable to discuss with the shrine and the local wedding company for the arrangement of the wedding ceremony. This is why many couples would go for a wedding photo service at the Shrines instead. 


Kamigamo Shrine – 24 family and friends from the groom and 24 from the bride

Shimogamo Shrine – 15 family and friends from the groom and 15 from the bride

Official website:

Kamigamojinja Shrine –

Shimogamo Shrine –


Luce Mare Chapel

Luce Mare Chapel, named after the Italian word “Hikari of the Sea,” is located in Hilton Hotel Odaiba, a popular dating hotspot in Tokyo. The chapel features a glass wall with panoramic ocean views that can rarely be found in downtown Tokyo. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower from the chapel. If you are looking for a sea view glass chepal outside Okinawa, Luce Mare Chapel may be a good choice for you.

Capacity: 70 people

Official website:

Odawara Crystal Grace Chapel

Although this chapel is a bit away from downtown Tokyo, it only takes about half an hour by Shinkansen to switch from downtown Tokyo to a paradise on earth surrounded by nature. Odawara Crystal Grace Chapel is located within the Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa. All three sides of the chapel are built with glass walls, allowing a panoramic view of the blue ocean and sky to surround the entire wedding. If you are looking for a seaside resort for your wedding in somewhere near Tokyo, this may be the one.

Capacity: 80 people

Official website:


Hillside Chapel

The Hillside Chapel and the famous “Chapel on the Water” are both designed by the renowned architecture master Tadao Ando. The design of the church emphasizes the integration of nature and people. The simple concrete wall is integrated into the surrounding natural environment. The church faces the iconic big tree, letting the sunlight penetrate softly through the branches and leaves, making the wedding filled with warmth and happiness.

Capacity: 90 people

Official website:


Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden

The Nishinomaru Garden in Osaka Castle Park is a rare outdoor wedding venue in Japan, and couples can choose to hold an outdoor wedding on the grass lawn. In addition, the outdoor grass lawn venues can accommodate up to 140 visitors, which is one of the biggest wedding venues in Japan. The couple can take their vow under the soft sunlight surrounded by seasonal flowers, with Osaka Castle as the backdrop. The venue also has a banquet hall next to the wedding venue for banquet after the wedding, which is very convenient for those who are inviting a large number of visitors.

Capacity: 140 people

Official website:

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